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4 Features of a Pretty and Productive Desk

4 Features of a Pretty and Productive Desk

Work can take many shapes and forms. But for those of us who spend our days (and some evenings) in front of a computer, we need an environment that’s both functional and inspiring.

Enter the desk of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest thing you’ve ever seen. It just has to serve its purpose—keep what you need close at hand and organized, while also bringing a smile to your face.

So what are those key ingredients to a magical work space?


Each of our minds works a little differently, so an organizational system is kind of a personal thing. Find what works for you—a to-do list, folders, paper and binder clips, a series of notebooks, an app or program.

The important part? Free your space from clutter. When you clear your desk, you also clear your mind and give it room to be creative, solve problems and focus (in other words, you’ll be more productive!). And here’s a tip: pretty pieces can help you get excited about getting—and staying—organized. If your folders are pink and your pens are gold, more power to you, girl!


Your desk may be tucked away in a cubicle or a closet, but hello… you need light to get stuff done. Natural light from a window is ideal (if you have one nearby, lucky you!). Otherwise, a lamp or two will do the trick.

Even better: give yourself the flexibility to adjust for optimal light throughout the day by adding a shade or curtain over the window or by using lamps and lightbulbs that allow you to fine-tune the brightness or tweak the direction it’s shining. With a well-lit space, you’ll see more clearly and maybe even feel a little more cheerful.


For those instances when the workday is dragging on, it’s a good idea to keep a pick-me-up close by to provide a mental boost. Post an inspirational print, sip from a motivational mug or add a little something to brighten your dreariest day.

Another option? A small vase of flowers, a potted plant or some succulents can do wonders when you’re dreaming of an outdoor escape.


Our jobs can be super fulfilling, but let’s not forget why we are working so hard! Without making things too cluttered, display a framed picture, a cute calendar full of fun events, a special memento or souvenir, some kind of reminder of your lovely, lively life outside of work and those things that matter most.

A few thoughtful touches can take your desk from blah to beautiful, dysfunctional to purposeful. When it’s time to get to work, you’ll have what you need to be productive, inspired and amazingly successful.

What is your must-have desk accessory?

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