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5 reasons to celebrate this week

Some days, it feels like everything is going right and things are falling into place. You’re simply unstoppable. You’re making things happen. Other days, it feels like a black cloud is following you around. Nothing is easy. You just want to crawl into bed and hit the reset button. Whether you’re having a super-tough week or an absolutely amazing one, we could all use a few reasons to celebrate the everyday, right?


Monday: Celebrate… because today (and every day) is a fresh start.

Ahh, a new day, full of possibilities! Set your week up for success by getting organized. Clear the clutter and clear your mind. Make the most of your time and jumpstart your productivity with a detailed to-do list. But let’s be realistic. Limit yourself to three main to-do items per day—and honey, you’ll get those things done.

Tuesday: Celebrate… because your home is your haven.

They say home is where the heart is. Home is where you rest, where you nourish your body, where you spend time with loved ones. Think about what your home means to you, and take note of how it reflects that look and feel. Make your home your sanctuary by surrounding yourself with beautiful things (and beautiful people!) you adore.


Wednesday:  Celebrate… because the most incredible things can come from life’s messiest moments.

Let’s be real—life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies. And that’s totally okay. Because life is about the journey. It’s through the confusion and disappointments that we find out what we’re made of. We grow stronger, and with time, we find our way. Even in the midst of the messiness, there is something good there. Figure out what that “good” is and hold onto it.


Thursday: Celebrate… because you have friends who are totally gorgeous, inside and out.

Where would we be without good friends? They’re there for us, whether we see them on a daily basis or keep in touch long-distance. Spend a few moments reflecting on your most fabulous friendships—and then get together with a friend for a bite to eat, catch up via phone chat or surprise her with a sweet note of appreciation.


Friday: Celebrate… because you took action and made things happen.

Whoa, lady! It’s time to acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished today and this week. Come on, even the smallest things count. Give yourself a pat on the back—or pour yourself a glass of champagne. No matter how your week went, remember that you are enough.

What will you celebrate this week?

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