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A Mother’s Advice

As mothers, we want the best for our children, for our daughters. As a mother, I’ve learned so many lessons along the way that I could only hope for my little ones to learn from, see through their own eyes, and understand life a little bit better. Being a woman is (unfortunately) still not as easy as I’d hope for it to be in today’s world, and while I hope things change for all of our daughters, we have a responsibility, to be honest and prepare them for the obstacles that can come their way. On the other hand, being a woman is still such an honor. We’re strong, we bring life into the world, and we’re breaking barriers left and right so that the world becomes a more equal and accepting place for the women of the future.

In honor of Trinity & Dylan’s birthday this week, I wanted to write them an open letter with some motherly advice. I know all moms can relate to this too and when speaking to our little girls gets tough, these are the words to keep in mind.

Your spirit is pure gold, just like the fire in your soul. Your curiosity is so inspiring to see each and every single day. I truly can’t describe what it’s like watching life through your eyes. For a little one, you’re passionate, determined, and march to the beat of your own drum. I love that about you. Your life is yours and yours only, and no one can take that away from you. You deserve every achievement that comes your way, but, don’t forget that there will be failure and rejection on your way to the top–and that’s just the way life goes. You’re strong enough to get through anything. Celebrate everything. Explore everything. Don’t lose the curiosity that lives inside of you. Whether it’s traveling to a new destination, discovering a new hobby, cooking a meal that you’re proud of–you name it. Celebrate it all. 

As your mom, I’m so excited to see where you’re headed in life, and I’m ready to be proud of the woman you’ll become. It’s important to keep your drive, determination, and power in life as you continue to grow. You deserve to live your very best life. 

You’re beautiful and cannot be brought down—it will never matter where you come from, what people say, or what your circumstances are; you are beautiful. From the moment you were born, I began to picture what your future would look like. It’s so important to be strong as a woman, and know that you’re valuable and unstoppable. Discover who you are, and stick to it; hold to your values, morals, goals, and ambitions. 

Communication is key. Whether it’s with your friends, relationships, or even with me, there should always be an open line of communication and room for your voice to be heard. I want you to talk to me, and I want to be your friend while still serving the role as your mom. I hope that you’re comfortable enough to come to me with questions, a need for advice, and help rather than solely relying on your friends–I’m here for you. I also want you to be open in your relationships with others; be it your best friends or even your first crush. 

In that, your mind, body, and soul are yours. Don’t give people access to them who don’t deserve them–protect your peace. We want to see you grow up to meet a good partner and star your own family (if you’d wish), but don’t ever miss out on the opportunities of the world to accomplish what you want to. There is balance in all things, and there is time for you to succeed in all of the things your heart desires. 

When you’re dating, be sure to ask about their values, goals, and dreams. You’ll want to find someone who is equally yoked in spirit. And you’ll want someone who chooses you above all else because you are not an option; don’t allow yourself to become one. But, keep in mind that you don’t have to settle right away; there is so much out there to see. We want you to explore the world. Develop your own voice; be independent and show up to create change. Your voice matters. 

As your mother, I want you to be proud of the person you are, who you’ll become, and all of the things you’ll overcome. Life is not easy, but it’s not meant to be. There are times where you’ll experience failure, heartbreak, loss, and general struggle. But trust your gut in overcoming difficulty. I want you to have the confidence in creating any life that you choose. You will conquer this idea that it’s a “man’s world”, but it’s not; there is opposition in everything, and you deserve every opportunity that comes your way. Please love yourself, love others. Allow your heart to feel compassion and forgiveness.  Refocus yourself when you lose your direction, learn what works for you in self-care. 


Your mom. 

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