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Bosh Family Easter Traditions!

One of my favorite things about having a big family is celebrating a holiday! Navigating a family of seven isn’t the easiest job, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, family time is more sacred and important than ever. I honestly can’t believe that this upcoming Sunday we’ll be celebrating Easter, and this year we’re trying to stick to our traditions as best as we can (fingers crossed!).

I know that times are tough, but if I can keep a smile on my babies’ faces, then that’s all that matters. Easter will certainly be different this year, but with a loving and supportive atmosphere, any day can feel a little celebratory in the light of darkness. Ahead, learn more about our Bosh family Easter traditions, and hopefully you get inspired to try some of these at home this year!

Easter Egg Hunt

We love having an Easter egg hunt in our yard at home, so thankfully that stays the same this year! The kids get so excited to find little prizes along the way and it’s a great way for them to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air. Their excitement is so real, especially when the Easter bunny comes around. Maybe I’ll have Chris dress up for the job this year—that’d be so funny to see!

Painting and Crafts

It wouldn’t be a Bosh family easter without some fun crafting! We love decorating and painting our own Easter eggs just as much as everyone else—it’s always fun to get a little creative right? This year we’re trying some different crafts because I’ve seen so many adorable creations across the web. My favorites are DIY bunny hats and easter bonnets, paper flowers, Easter egg balloons, and bunny dessert toppers!

Playtime with Chicks

Our whole family has a soft spot for animals, and the fact that Easter involves bunnies and chicks makes them love it even more. In the past we’ve worked with local farms for the kids to spend some time with baby chicks. This year, we’ll be sure to have enough decor around the house and yard to keep the vibe alive since we’re social distancing. The kids can help us decorate and set up some little chicks around the space and of course have their usual kiddie playtime.

Easter Baskets

Each one of our kids get their own Easter basket, filled with goodies that we know they’ll enjoy. Since they’re all of different ages and have their own unique styles, we like to mix it up and customize everyone’s basket as much as possible. This year I’m thinking the kids can even help decorate baskets for one another, so they can each have some love from their siblings as well. I love watching them unwrap these and see the huge smiles on their faces! I’m really hoping to make them smile right now more than anything.

What are you family Easter traditions? Is there anything new you’d like to try? Write me a note on my latest Instagram post and let me know!

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