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My Create & Cultivate Experiences: Why I Show Up

The new decade is already off to an amazing start—I was so excited and humbled to be included in Create & Cultivate’s 100 list! If you know me, you know my love for Create & Cultivate runs deep. I show up and support the organization time and time again because of their effort to lift women up, educate them, acknowledge their accomplishments and bring them together. Ever since I laid eyes on the Creative & Cultivate 100 list, I knew that one day I wanted to see my name on there. I poured my heart and soul into my entrepreneurial passion project, Sparkle and Shine Darling and My hard work paid off! I’m honored to be listed in the entrepreneurial category alongside women that I adore and admire, like Lalah Delia, Tia Mowry and Genevieve Padalecki (just to name a few).

Now I can finally check this major dream goal off my list. I want to thank Create & Cultivate for shining a light on the work behind a project that’s so near and dear to my heart: Sparkle and Shine Darling. For those of you who don’t know, is an extension of an apparel boutique I started in Miami Beach, Florida called Sparkle and Shine Darling. It’s there that I not only curated clothes and accessories, but I also hosted events for women from different creative backgrounds to foster a deeper bond among our local community.

Now I’m taking what I’ve learned from that space and combining it with the huge amount of inspiration I get from Create & Cultivate to create content that inspires women to show up for themselves every single day. As a happily married wife and mom to five kids, it’s important for me to maintain a diverse group of girlfriends. To be a successful founder, you have to step outside your bubble and understand the perspective of people you admire. And that’s exactly what Create & Cultivate has allowed me to do. Now it’s my privilege to be recognized by Create & Cultivate as one of those people, and I can’t wait to further connect with the community Jaclyn Johnson has helped grow online and in real life, because #TodayICan.


Read my full interview with C&C to learn what being an entrepreneur means to me, how I tackle failures and the fun things I have in store for Link to interview:

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