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How to Embrace Your Divine Feminine

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the term “divine feminine energy”, especially over the last few years. While the concept of divine feminity and the energy surrounding it has been embraced long before my time, but I’ve found myself cultivating it a lot as of late. As a CEO, mom, wife, and friend, I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate, but that’s no reason for me to ever hide my own magic.

To be clear, channeling our divine feminine doesn’t mean that we’re molding ourselves into a stereotypical gender role. People of any gender can embrace their divine feminine energy—it’s simply energy, not a societal construct. I’ve considered myself to be spiritual, and honing in on this has not only brought my harmony, but it’s allowed me to connect more with my body, my mind, and find my inner peace.

Increasing your own feminine energy can help you feel more connected to yourself and others. Ahead, I explain some of the ways I learned to embrace my divine feminine and how they’ve each helped me get the most of life.

Follow Your Intuition

I’m a firm believer that my intuition is never wrong. However, following my intuition wasn’t always easy, and I’m sure you can all relate. Avoiding red flags and signs of a situation is human nature, but to awaken your feminine energy, you must learn to follow your intuition. Listen to those emotions, and I mean really listen to them, even if it’s not so great at first. When you know, you know. Don’t ignore that feeling and allow it to move your forward, because that’s the right direction. You can trust your intuition no matter what you’ve been through in life—it really is our sixth sense!

Embrace Your Creativity

Another thing that a lot of us are guilty of is hiding in our shells and allowing ourselves to feel stifled. Why? We all have these special gifts that should be shared with the world, and allowing those to show is a big part of cultivating feminine energy. Your inner goddess can’t thrive if you’re keeping your talents and knowledge on the backburner. Take some time to write down the things that you know you’re good at and what you can teach others about. Do not make yourself smaller to make others comfortable—embrace that creativity and let it show. 

Collaborate. Don’t Compete.

This is a big one. We’re competitive by nature, but at the end of the day, we’re stronger when we come together. I think that in 2019 and beyond, this “collaboration over competition” mindset will get easier to live by, I really do. As a society, we’re getting closer to the point where speaking negatively about one another is fully frowned upon. Collaborating also allows us to connect with others who can help us hone in on our own skills, see other points of view, and meet people with the same beliefs. We are all so much warmer, more inviting, and powerful when we come together.

Meditate With Intention

I try to do everything with intention, and meditating is no different. Meditation is my time to connect with my mind and body and learn more about what I need to live my best life. We can be fulfilled with how are our lives are going, but that doesn’t mean we’re in touch with ourselves. Speak to yourself, listen to your thoughts, and listen to your body. The next time you take the time to meditate (or however you choose to connect with yourself), do it with purpose and make that purpose clear. Your feminine energy will grow in no time.

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