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All About The Doula Training Program!

Motherhood has been the most amazing experience of my entire life and I would never trade it for the world. In fact, being a mom has made me a lot more interested in the topic of childbirth overall. A lot of women aren’t aware of their options when it comes to exploring childbirth and working with professionals, such as a doula. Doula work has become a lot more popular over the years but it’s still (sadly) a bit of a taboo topic so I have been working with my very dear friend, Latham Thomas of Glow Maven to help reduce the stigma surrounding women and pregnancy!

Latham has done an amazing job at paving the way for these discussions about birthing experiences while tying in wellness for the moms-to-be. Apart from being a voice for change, and an excellent source for motherhood advice, Latham is also a doula. For those of you don’t know, a doula is a non-medical companion who supports you and helps you push through a huge health-related experience, such as childbirth or postpartum. A doula is basically your support system throughout the entire journey, and some women even have their doula accompany them into the delivery room.

I’ve become so incredibly inspired by what Latham and other doulas do so last year, I immersed myself in the opportunity to join her doula training program called Ripples and Waves to learn how to become a doula, myself! I finish the program in spring and genuinely can’t wait to be a doula. I have five children and being a mothering, nurturing person is who I am at my core. As women, birthing is our rite of passage and is one of the most beautiful experiences that this life provides us with. The idea that I could be involved in being an active participant in the birthing process of other women is what truly lit the fire for me.

Ripples and Waves are making a huge difference in families across the globe, and they have greatly impacted my own life so I wanted to learn more about the practice. If you have any desire to learn more about the doula training process, I highly encourage you to research it (click here!) and even spread the word on how incredible this role and process is!



Were you already familiar with doulas? Have you used a doula to support you during childbirth and postpartum? Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

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