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Easy Halloween Crafts to Do at Home

It’s time to take advantage of the mess your kids make! What better way to help keep your kids occupied than fun, easy, Halloween-themed crafts? Trick or treating is a no go this year in many cities, but your little ones shouldn’t have to miss out on some Halloween fun. These easy crafts are so much fun to do and another way to spend some quality time with the fam!

Paint Splatter Pumpkin: 

This craft allows your kids to bring out their artistic skills, painting pumpkins and adding a little bit of pizzazz! 

What you do:

– Have your kids paint their pumpkin (real or fake) in a solid color. 

– Create a splatter paint mixture by mixing water with acrylic paint until it reaches a creamy consistency.

– Coat a craft brush or toothbrush with the mixture and  have your kids lightly tap the pumpkin as much as they want until they have their desired splatter effect! 

Photo: Carson Downing

Pom-Pom Pumpkins

This craft is super simple, but just fun enough for your kiddos to have a good time! They have the chance to add pops of fuzzy color to some painted pumpkins. 

What you do:

– Allow your kids to paint a pumpkin of their choosing with their desired paint color, let dry.

– Have your kids sort through Pom-Pom fuzzies in an array of color and sizes that they want to attach to their pumpkin.

– Attach the Pom-Poms in rows or clusters with hot glue.

– Repeat for as many pumpkins as you have, and put them on display! 

Photo c/o Blog A La Cart

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

This craft is hands on and fun for everybody! The craft requires a few different sizes of popsicle sticks, but is easy customizable to your kids desires! 


– Popsicle sticks in jumbo, regular, and small.

– Yellow and Green card stock.

– Black and Purple paint.

– Hot glue.

– Halloween Foam Stickers

– Sharpie

What you do:

– Take the largest popsicle sticks to establish your base, line 6-7 beside each other. Then, take 2 more sticks and glue them horizontally on the back of the lined-up sticks.

– Paint the house purple, and the roof/windows/doors black. (2 black jumbo or mini sticks for the roof, 5 regular sticks for the windows and doors.)

– Glue 2 sticks overlapping each other from start to big to establish the roof. 

– Cut out 2 squares from yellow card stock for the windows. Use the sharpie to add lines for the window panes, and glue 4 pieces of sticks to line the outside edge of the window—glue to house. 

– Repeat this process for the door, using green card stock. 

– Add foam Halloween stickers to glue on. 

– Add a magnet to the back or hanging piece to the top and display it for all to see! 

Glitter Pumpkin Snow Globe 

You don’t need to wait until winter time to make a festive globe to shake! Orange glitter inside a jar or glass bottle works just as well! 

What you do:

– Have your kids paint the lid of the bottle or jar orange and let dry.

– Fill the bottle halfway with corn syrup.

– Have your kids sprinkle in orange glitter; start with a teaspoon, add more as needed.

– Fill the bottle almost to the top with water and place the lid on top.

– Cut out jack-o-lantern faces/features from black paper/material and glue to the jars.

– Attach a stem to the top of the bottle with glue.

– Shake and enjoy! 

Photo c/o Project Kid 

Paper-Plate Spider 

A 30 second craft for your kids to occupy their attention spans for a bit! 

What you do:

– Attach 8 pipe cleaners by twisting them into a paper plate.

– Bend the pipes at the end so they look like feet so that the legs can hold the plate up.

– Put shoes on the feet (optional doll or Barbie shoes of some sort) 

– Finish with googly eyes, candy corn fangs—or any other kind of accessory. 

– Put on display! 

These few but fun crafts give your kids the chance to expand their creativity and have a great time doing so. Now’s the time to get into the Halloween spirit before it’s gone! These crafts will be ‘gram worthy, and filled with more fun memories from the holidays.

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