filed on: 10.09
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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids + Family!

I can’t believe Halloween is almost here—I mean, where did this year go!? Can y’all believe we only have three months left to go!? Anyway, spooky season is one of my favorite seasons and having a pretty big family makes it all the more fun. We usually do a group costume each year, which makes for some really cute photos but even cuter memories. This year a lot of you have been asking if I have any ideas for family-oriented Halloween costumes and I’m happy to share that yes, I do! Below, I’ve listed some group costume ideas that could work for families with little (and big!) ones. I’m also sharing some tips for your kiddos to have a safe and healthy Halloween. Enjoy!

Costume Ideas

Baby Sharks
The parents out there might not be so happy with me for this one, mainly cause they’ve probably heard the song a billion times! Hear me out, though. A bandwagon of sharks hitting the town is a sight that’s too cute to pass up—especially if there’s a little, little one involved.

The Addams Family
With the animated film hitting theaters this month, it only makes sense to add this to the list. The Addams Family is pretty much Halloween in a nutshell, and playfully channel your spookier side. A mini Wednesday Addams never gets old!

Game of Thrones
Now that the hit series has officially wrapped up, you’re bound to see a flew of GOT-inspired costumes this year. Make it a family affair and dress up as your favorite characters from the HBO show. You can channel everyone from Arya to Daenarys, and some baby dragons running around for the night of trick or treating.

The Lion King
This one’s another family classic, but with the hit summer film, it’s still fresh on the brain. I mean, you can technically dress as Beyonce as Nala! We’ve all connected with The Lion King one way or another, so this one is for everybody!

The Flintstones
This one will simply never get old, and I’m not mad at it! When you have a large family, the Flintstones is one of the easiest group costumes to replicate and also one of the easiest to make or find. Plus, everyone literally loves the Flintstones!

Halloween Tips for Kids

Double Check Their Masks
Wearing masks is one of the biggest hazards for kids on Halloween. While out trick or treating it can get dark and their vision is already obstructed by the mask, and a lot of the time schools won’t allow them either. If a costume has any large headpieces, make sure that your kids can see clearly while wearing them too!

Only Buy “Flame-Resistant” Costumes
If you’re not DIYing it this year, look out for the “flame-resistant” tag on any store-bought costumes. If you don’t see this tag, return the items and don’t let your children wear them. This a disclaimer that the chemical structure of the clothing material is resistant to flames, and if it’s not present on costumes they could be very dangerous.

Have Them Wear Bright Colors
Again, darkness creeps up on us quickly when it’s time to go trick or treating and the last thing you want is to lose sight of the kiddos! Have them wear something bright to make them more visible to you in the dark.

Write Down Your Info
If by any means you separate from your kids or they’ll be out trick or treating with someone else, always leave a note with them that has your information on it. Write down your name and phone number, and your child’s name as well.

Check The Candy
I know this is an obvious one, but I have to say it! Always check their candy before they go ahead and start eating it. Immediately check for any candy that your children may be allergic to, and also get rid of anything that looks even slightly unwrapped.