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How to Host an Epic Girls’ Night

Come hell, high water, awful bosses or horrible boyfriends, your girlfriends are 100 percent there for you. And it’s been way too long since you got together and had a really fun night out.

You know what we mean: You all need some laughs, a little indulgence and a lot of girl talk. And you’re not talking about just another Saturday night at the bar.

Let’s up the ante and plan one amazing girls’ night, a chance to let your hair down (…or twist it into a chic topknot) and celebrate your fabulous friendships.


Here’s the plan:

  1. Create anticipation.

Have you noticed that the anticipation leading up to a big event makes it even more exciting? Nail down a date ahead of time to ensure that all your best girlfriends can join and that you all have something to look forward to. Then mark your calendar and count down the days.

  1. Determine a dress code.

Part of that whole anticipation phase involves the prep. Chat with the ladies about what everyone is planning to wear. Are you going all out with stilettos and sparkly jewelry? Or will you keep it classic with a LBD and some red lipstick? If the logistics work, start the night early by primping together—hair, makeup, all the finishing touches—just like old times.

  1. Be daring.

Whether you move outside your comfort zone a little or a lot (it’s up to you!), doing something new or different will surely make memories. Grab tickets to an improv comedy show, try an aerial yoga class or sign up for a canvas-painting party.

  1. Indulge.

Sorry, darling, but girls’ night is not the time to watch what you eat or pinch pennies. You don’t have to blow your diet or your budget, but come on, it’s time to have fun! Order a fancy drink and a to-die-for dessert. Go in on a gigantic platter of sushi or that expensive bottle of wine, maybe even a limo ride. Split the cost and lose the guilt—this is a once-in-a-while, super memorable treat.

  1. Don’t let the fun end.

Just because the night is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. The following day (or heck, the whole next week!), keep the good times rolling. Share hilarious photos, swap stories via text… and plan for your next girls’ night.

What makes an amazing girls’ night for you?

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