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Lessons From Camp Bosh

For as long as I can remember, nature has been a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and pure bliss for me. Seeing my children embrace the outdoors in a similar way brings so much warmth to my soul, and I believe that the lessons learned at Camp Bosh are ones they will carry with them throughout their lives. 

So I wanted to share with y’all why Camp Bosh is so close to my heart- and share the lessons my babies learned from disconnecting from their daily routines and being in the beautiful outdoors in hopes that it’ll encourage you and your fam to do the same!!


  1. Self-sufficiency: When we’re at camp, I like to give my crew a little more freedom so that they have those opportunities to feel independent and trusting of themselves. It’s in those moments where they learn that they have the power and ability to do things on their own- but it’s also those moments that show them it’s OK to ask for help when they need it. 
  2. Support: Lifting One Another Up: One of the most beautiful lessons camp teaches children is to support one another. “We rise by lifting others up” is an incredibly powerful life lesson that should be taught to our children daily, but I feel as though it is amplified at camp. Seeing my children watch each other and cheer each other on (whether it was during horseback riding or playing frisbee outside) is what camp is all about.   
  3. Confidence: Self-confidence is founded on the ability to have a positive sense of self. The experiences that children have, their achievements, and their expectations of themselves all play a roll. Being at camp gave my babies the opportunity to try new things, create stronger bonds with one another, and have meaningful/positive experiences. I watched as they were, at first, wary of their ability to ride a horse or to fish, yet they pushed themselves and had a smile from ear to ear after accomplishing something that initially scared them. It was beyond beautiful to see.  
  4. Exploration: At home, my children have a “routine” and any free time that they have is usually spent by participating in an activity of their choice. Being at camp, I noticed how it put each one of them a little outside of their comfort zones, and brought them into their challenge zones. Camp pushed them to explore their interests and abilities, like fishing or horseback riding, and that enabled them to figure themselves out a little more and to test the waters more than they usually would, which is so important to their process of growth.  
  5. Family Values: Spending time with one another in nature and experiencing a change of scenery is one of the main reasons Chris and I feel Camp Bosh is so important and special. It allows us to all come together in a magical place and to share moments with each other that we will cherish forever. We believe it teaches them the importance of family and the value of connecting with each other, so that one day, they will grow up to want to do the same.  

I hope hearing these lessons from Camp Bosh warms your heart as much as it did mine and I really hope it inspires you to take your family out of your routine- even if it’s just for the day! 

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