filed on: 06.30
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How to make a bride-to-be feel like a million bucks

So your dear friend is getting married… Maybe she just said “Yes” or maybe she’ll soon be saying “I do,” but either way, you want to celebrate this exciting time in life with her.

Before she officially becomes a Mrs., there’s one very important order of business—the bachelorette party!

This girly gathering is more than a reason to let loose. It’s an opportunity to honor your friendship and commemorate her single days. It’s a chance to make the bride-to-be feel cherished, celebrated, like the center of attention.

Here are a few fun ways to do just that:

Think about what she would enjoy.

Not every bachelorette party is the same because every bride-to-be is unique. Consider what your friend loves to do, her favorite places, foods and drinks, colors, her go-to ways to relax and have fun. A bachelorette bash should be all about her.

Nix anything that might make her too uncomfortable.

A step or two outside of her comfort zone? Absolutely memory-making. A giant leap over her not-to-be-crossed line? Totally awkward. You know your friend, so if decorations shaped like male parts, sex toys, or a male revue show are too much, simply steer clear.

Make time for getting pretty.

Every gal appreciates a little pampering and primping. Whether you’re planning to go out or stay in, leave some room for girly-glam activities. Think mani/pedis, massages or makeovers—any special star treatment that’s sure to give your friend that bridal glow.

Break the ice.

There’s a good chance that this group of lady-friends will hail from many different parts of the bachelorette’s life. Get to know each other, mix and mingle, share stories about your mutual friend, and you’ll ensure the festivities are that much more fun. Plus, how awesome will your friend feel when she sees all of her best girls bonding?

Keep the good times going.

The end of the party doesn’t have to mark the end of that on-top-of-the-world feeling. Give the bride-to-be something that will remind her of the good times she had at her bachelorette celebration—a cute group photo, a bunch of funny and sweet notes, a bottle of champagne with a message from each of you written on it. Or you could always gift her some fabulous, fancy lingerie!

No matter what, the key to making your friend feel like a million bucks is keeping her in mind every step of the way. After all, she’s the reason you’re all getting together. It’s a happy time in her life, so the bachelorette party is just another opportunity to contribute to her joy.

What have you done to celebrate your friends’ bachelorette days?