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Tips for a Beautiful Table Setting-Memorial Day 2020

Soon a ton of us will be heading into week 11, yes 11!, of quarantine but it’ll also be one of my favorite holidays—Memorial Day. This year we won’t be able to have a large barbecue and pool party at the house, but we’ll still be celebrating as a family. The weather here will be absolutely gorgeous so we’ll be sure to enjoy some fun in the sun along with some delicious food. We have to make the best of the situation and while I’m at it I’m going to be creating a beautiful table setting to celebrate the last Monday in May.


A lot of you always ask me about my love for decorating and what it takes to put together a table setting, and the truth is that it’s not complicated at all if you don’t let it be. While I do put a lot of thought into it, I only think of a few key elements when putting it all together. Whether it’s a holiday, dinner party, or other special occasion, I keep the theme in mind along with the “personality” behind whatever it is that we’re celebrating. Memorial Day is obviously patriotic and honorable, so stars and stripes are definitely part of the table—literally. Red, white, and blue will certainly be the colors of the day without being too basic and I will keep my personal aesthetic in mind which always incorporates clean textures and some sort of florals. Continue reading for some things that I always have on my table settings!

Name Place Cards

I like everyone to feel included! Things don’t always need to feel super formal, so I don’t necessarily like to assign seats all of the time, but I do like name place cards. Sometimes I’ll have these out at a general table and guests can take one and sit wherever they’d like, or I will have them sit at a specific table depending on the occasion. For Memorial Day, since it’s just the fam, I’ll just have designated cups with everyone’s names so we can use the same ones for the rest of the day and make everything super easy and that way everyone’s happy. If this were a dinner party, I’d make this something cute like an engraved crystal.

Printed Menu

Everyone should know what they’re eating from the get-go! We always have some hungry guests, and I love having them anticipate what they’ll be munching on. Whether it’s menu that’s printed and placed on the plate in front of them or buffet style cards, I like having the food known along with the ingredients. You never know what allergies someone may have, so you’ll want to keep that in mind and have options available for all types of diets too.


I love fresh flowers! I always have fresh florals on the table, no matter the occasion. This can be a simple setting or something a bit more extravagant, but either way there’s always flowers. It really does help set the tone and it just adds a sense of happiness to the table. I personally think that flowers always belong in a home no matter what, but especially at the table!

Chic Place Setting

Of course last but not least, I have the traditional place setting with an elevated touch. This includes your dinner fork, plate, napkin (plus a cute ring!), glass, dinner spoon, and dinner knife. I also like to include some sort of accessory here for my guests that they can keep as a gift. I also usually have a bread basket and pitchers of water, sparkling water, and juices at the table.

I know that we can’t have large get togethers as we usually like to do, but if you’d like to do a little something extra for your families this year for Memorial Day, set up your table Bosh family style! Tag me in your photos if you do, I’d love to take a look. 


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