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How to Welcome the New Decade with Open Arms

I can’t believe that we’re approaching a whole new decade! Seriously, where did the last 10 years go!? I’ve had a great decade and try my best to approach each new year with the most positive, welcoming mindset. I feel that most of us really appreciate the opportunity of starting on a new, clean slate but it needs to be done right. If you’re really looking to take charge in 2020 and achieve all of the goals on your list, I have some steps you can follow to welcome the new decade with open arms. Keep on reading for more and watch my Vision Board IGTV to see how to align with your intentions and to see how to create and envision a greater path for yourself.


I’m really happy that people talk about manifestation more often now. The act of displaying what you want out of life verbally and emotionally makes it all more real. We’ve all experienced the feeling of wanting something so badly, not believing it could happen, and then it simply doesn’t happen. That’s because we didn’t manifest that we can have what we wanted. Setting the tone and manifesting the best possible scenarios can get us so far. Consciously manifest your thoughts and desires and watch your life change.

Positive Thinking

With manifesting, comes positive thinking. You can’t possibly get the things you want or achieve them in a healthy way without positive thinking. Something as simple as telling yourself that you can do something and that you will achieve your goals can get you one step closer. Having a healthy and positive mindset is absolutely everything.

Cleansing the Energy

I’m very big on absorbing the energies around me. If there’s any negative energy in the air, I can literally feel it and need to take care of it ASAP. I like to light some sage around my space in order to cleanse the energy in the air. I also like Palo Santo and lighting candles with intention in order to get this new, positive energy moving.


One practice that I took on this year is journaling. Taking the time to sit down and write my intentions, goals, or anything that’s on my mind, has really helped clear my head and feel more positive. Sometimes sitting down and having thoughts to ourselves isn’t enough to form a healthier mindset, and I feel that writing things out has really helped me. You can literally journal about whatever you want and that’s the beauty of it all! Own it.


It’s so, so, important to take the time to reflect on everything that’s happened in your life over the last 10 years. We’ve all grown as people, and some of us have had it a lot harder than others. Think about your experiences made you stronger, wiser, and ready to tackle brand-new things in the years ahead. Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

Practicing Self-Care

This one’s a given. You can’t start off the new decade on a positive note without taking care of yourself first. Take a few moments to yourself each day leading up to 2020 to do an activity that you enjoy and makes you feel better. Anything that brings you peace and harmony is always on the table. For some, this might be a light yoga session and for others this can be as simple as making their favorite meal. Your call!

Dance the Night Away

Of course, you must enjoy New Year’s Eve to the fullest and dance the night away with friends, family, good food and good vibes! Throw on your favorite sparkly dress and enter the new decade on a fun note. Once the clock strikes midnight, cheers your way onto a clean slate.

Cheers to a whole new decade and a stronger, healthier you!

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