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Self-Care During Grief and Loss

This past week has undoubtedly been hard on a lot of us. Losing people is never easy, especially when it is all so unexpected. We lost such beautiful souls on Sunday and our world was rocked. Out hearts are broken. Let this serve as a reminder of how fragile life is and a reminder that every day that we GET to wake up is a miracle. Be grateful for every day that you have on this earth.

This life is not guaranteed and sadly every single one of us will inevitably deal with grief and loss several times throughout our lives. All we can do is cope and heal. To better help everyone during these very hard times and when facing any loss, I’m sharing how to practice self-care and open the road to acceptance and healing.

Take Your Time

You shouldn’t feel the need to rush and get back into your daily routine. Take your time and process your emotions and accept that what you’re going through isn’t always easy to move on from—and that’s okay.  Take all the time you need.

Express Yourself

It ca be hard to express your emotions and speak up when you’re going through a difficult times, but keeping your feelings bottled won’t make you feel better. Write down how you’re feeling in a journal to get these feelings off your chest. If you’d like to open up and share your condolences and how you’re being affected by a tragedy on a public platform that’s okay too. You should never feel like you can’t share what you’re feeling.

Connect with Others

You’re not alone. There will likely come a time where you feel like you need to talk to others and find a shoulder to lean on. Connect with others when you’re feeling alone and I can promise you that they’ll listen. Grief and loss isn’t easy for any of us, and we need to support each other during these tough times.

Get Rest

When experiencing grief or loss, it’s often difficult to sleep or even eat. However, the lack of rest and sleep will only make you feel worse in the long-run. Prioritize getting your rest each night even though it can be difficult. Listen to some sleep-centered playlists or YouTube videos to help you ease into it. Put the phone down when you catch yourself browsing online as a distraction.

Breathe Mindfully & Meditate

When you’re feeling tense, uneasy, and not like yourself, it’s important to breathe mindfully. Practice some simple breathing exercises to get yourself centered again. It’s so easy to get caught up and let your emotions get the best of you, but mindful breathing can slowly bring you back to a calmer state. I also think that meditation is very important, especially during times of emotional distress. Try to take a few minutes to yourself each morning and listen to a guided meditation to start your day.

Be Kind to Yourself

This might be the most important thing to note. Why do we tend to be mean to ourselves when we’re feeling low? It’s so counterproductive and only hurts us more at the end of the day. I’ve promised myself to be kinder with myself first and spread that kindness to everyone around me. Please remember to not beat yourself up over things that are out of control—it’s so not worth it. 

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