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Why you should set big picture goals

It’s crazy to think that almost a year has passed since I opened the doors of Sparkle and Shine Darling to Miami Beach, and shared one of my biggest dreams to the world. Not only was the Grand Opening of my store a dream come true, so was the continued support and recognition I received from so many the women I love and look up to including Gabrielle Union, LaLa Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Angela Simmons, Ayesha Curry, Larsa Pippen, Vanessa Bryant, Eva Longoria, Monica, Loren Ridinger, and many more!

Sparkle and Shine Darling was—and still is—a dream for me.  I started with crafting inspiration boards full of magazine clippings, Pinterest photos and handwritten notes—and then I worked night and day to bring those boards to life. From the sparkling chandeliers to the glittery floors, that beautiful haven I’d dreamed up in my head became a living, breathing space where other women could come and find exactly what they needed—a gift, a treat, a place to connect and celebrate.
But it didn’t stop there. I couldn’t sit back and simply see what happened. Instead, I set my sights on something even bigger. About this time last year, I established a goal that felt ambitious and scary and exciting: that Sparkle and Shine Darling would generate $1 million in sales in its first year.
There was so much to do, so many details to take care of, just to open the doors and make the day-to-day business run smoothly. The daily demands of retail sales are enough to fill every waking hour (and maybe some sleeping ones too!). But I could not lose focus. In the midst of managing Sparkle and Shine Darling, spending time with my family, welcoming two new babies and all the other wonderful things that have happened in the past several months, I kept track of the progress toward my shoot-for-the-stars sales goal.
Not too long ago, I evaluated where the numbers were and how much time we had left before the store’s one-year anniversary. And I realized we were on track to meet that goal. It was amazing, absolutely incredible.
So it was time to think about the future and set some new goals. Now, I’m working to bring Sparkle and Shine Darling—and everything it stands for—to more women across the country. My big goal: to create a branded line of products available at major retailers in all 50 states.
I’ll be honest, I really thought about whether I wanted to share my goals—or at least share them in such specific detail. It’s scary to say you want something, especially when the fear of failure is strong and there are plenty of people who want to bring you down. But you know what I say? Let’s be fearless. Let’s see what we can accomplish when we think of fear as possibility and opportunity, something to be grateful for, something to push us. Let’s live unapologetically and wholeheartedly. Forget the fear, the doubt, the judgment and negativity. Those goals that make us catch our breath, the ones we’re truly passionate about, are the ones that make everything worth it. They challenge us and motivate us. They help us grow into the truest, best versions of ourselves.
As a part of my vision for the future of Sparkle and Shine Darling, I am thrilled to host a pop-up shop at Bloomingdale’s in the Sawgrass Mills Mall in the coming weeks. Open September 9th through 19th, the shop will feature Sparkle and Shine Darling branded items and bestsellers, showcasing our signature glittery style. 10 percent of all pop-up shop sales during this time will be donated to charity. I invite all of you to visit the shop, browse our selection of girly-glam pieces and join in celebrating this momentous time for Sparkle and Shine Darling.
I’m also honored to host the grand opening of a brand-new VIP parking garage at Sawgrass Mills on September 13th. Please come join me for this special occasion and enter for a chance to a reservation of “The Haute Spot” parking spot at Sawgrass Mills during the busiest shopping days of the year. Following the event, come meet me at Sparkle and Shine Darling’s Pop Up (in Bloomingdale’s The Colonnade) so I can help you pick a favorite piece to start your Sparkle Boss Journey!
And remember, no matter what your own big-picture goals look like, never lose sight of them. You may come across day to day struggles, set backs, and road bumps along the way. There may be days you feel like you got it all under control, and days where nothing may seem right. Some of you may have other priorities such as a family, kids, school, or a full-time job, and you may feel pulled in a million directions- I know I did! You may feel like you never have enough time or like you’ll never reach the finish line.
I encourage you all to breathe, but don’t lose sight of your big picture goals. Think about them, dream about them, work toward them every day. You’ll be amazed at how—with commitment, creativity and a little bit of craziness—your wildest dreams can become a beautiful reality.
Wishing all of my fellow lady bosses luck and ongoing success on your journey!

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