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Sparkle On: How to Get Glowing

When you feel good, you look good. I think that when we’re relaxed, it shows on our faces—inner peace equals outer beauty, in other words. And a glowing face is a calling card to the world that you’re happy.

I’ve called my rituals for a glowing face “glowing up,” and for me, it can be as simple as putting on a quick face mask, or as luxurious as soaking in the bathtub after the kids are in bed. When I’m feeling centered and calm, I feel more beautiful. And to me, there’s nothing more gorgeous than a confident, radiant, content woman.

Here are just some of the ways I “glow up.”

Bathing Beauty

I love to soak in a bath. It gives me time to reflect on the day, set my intentions and soothe my soul for a few minutes (or hopefully longer!) before I go to bed. And I really like to pick and choose my bath salts for whatever mood I’m in: Herbivore’s coconut milk bath salts for when I want to feel like I’m on a tropical vacation, ila’s rose-scented, luxurious Bath Oil for Glowing Radiance for when I really want to glow, French Girl’s invigorating Menthe Romarin sea salts for when I need to detox. I can never get enough of my classic Fresh Brown Sugar exfoliating scrub, too, because it leaves my skin soft and smooth after every bath.


Anyone who’s peeked in my closet or visited me at home knows I have a slight obsession with robes! They’re a more stylish and more feminine way to lounge around than sweats (not that I never wear sweats). I might wrap up in a plush white terry one when I want to feel like I’m at the spa, or slip into a short floral silk number when I want to feel girly. And there are so many options out there to make it sexy, but this classic cream silk one is sensual without being over the top.

About Face

If I don’t have time for anything else in my beauty routine, I at least make sure to use a good sunscreen and eye cream. This Drunk Elephant eye serum with black tea and copper peptides leaves my eyes looking youthful and bright, and I won’t step out into the sunshine without applying a layer of SkinCeuticals UV Defense. It’s moisturizing without being greasy, and I like that it’s fragrance-free. I also like to treat my skin to a face mask at least once a week to keep my skin feeling soft. These Twilight sheet masks from Joanna Vargas help to stimulate cell growth and leave my skin feeling bright and radiant.

Give Yourself a Hand

Cuticle oil is one of my go-to treatments: I use it all over my hands and on my elbows to make sure my skin is fully moisturized. I love the citrus-rose scent of this French girl nail and cuticle oil, and the roll-on applicator makes it so easy to apply. The avocado and shea in this Butter London cuticle balm make it really rich and moisturizing. I’m also obsessed with some of the products we picked up at our recent stay at Aman in Venice; their Palo Santo Hand Salve makes my skin so soft. Even my kids like to use it.

Lip Service

A simple smile can bring so much joy to others, so I like to keep my lips in good shape! I slough away any dry skin with Tarte’s Lip Facial lip scrub, and swiping some Osmia Lip Organics repair cream ensures that my lips are soft and moisturized—and ready for a coat of red lipstick.


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