Adrienne has always been a girly girl and this reflects nowhere more than in her style which is feminine, bright and fashionable. Team Overdressed shows how Adrienne mixes and matches designers to showcase her own true style. Brianna, her stylist, assist Adrienne in finding just the right pieces to complete the perfect outfit. See her style below;


Team Overdressed

[img src=]17320Team Overdressed
Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger<br />Jeans- Frame Jeans<br />Shoes- Sophia Webster<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]12140Team Overdressed
Dress- Ted Baker<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Louis Vuitton
[img src=]10290Team Overdressed
Sweater- Moschino<br />Skirt- by Lakisha Bouchereau<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]8410Team Overdressed
Bodysuit- Dolce and Gabbana<br />Skirt- Top Shop<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo
[img src=]8380Team Overdressed
Corset- Dolce and Gabbana<br />Skirt- Dolce and Gabbana<br />Shoes- Tom Ford<br />Purse- Givenchy<br />Pin- Chane
[img src=]8170Team Overdressed
Dress- Alice and Olivia<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Saint Laurent<br />Jacket- Dolce and Gabbana
[img src=]8320Team Overdressed
Shirt- Zara<br />Jeans- Frame Denim<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]8590Team Overdressed
Bodysuit- I.D Sarrieri<br />Pants- ICB<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo<br />Purse- Judith Leiber
[img src=]7230Team Overdressed
Dress- French Connection<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo<br />Purse- Ted Baker
[img src=]6930Team Overdressed
Shirt- Ted Baker<br />Skirt- Nina Ricci<br />Shoes- Isabel Marant<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]7480Team Overdressed
Shirt- Lyfe Brand<br />Pants- Frame Jeans<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]7120Team Overdressed
Shirt- Lyfe Brand<br />Jeans- Rag and Bone Jeans<br />Shoes- Tom Ford<br />Purse- Judith Leiber
[img src=]7460Team Overdressed
Shirt- Lyfe Brand<br />Shorts- Vintage<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]7430Team Overdressed
Dress- Ralph Lauren<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]7840Team Overdressed
Oscar de la Renta
[img src=]9200Team Overdressed
Bodysuit- La Perla<br />Jacket- Zara<br />Jeans- J Brand<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]8780Team Overdressed
Dress- Peter Pilotto<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo<br />Purse- BCBG<br />Belt- Lanvin
[img src=]8460Team Overdressed
Dress- Preen<br />Shoes- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Hermes Birkin<br />Necklace- Venessa Arizaga
[img src=]13070Team Overdressed
Shirt- Mango<br />Skirt- Bouchereau<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo<br />Hat- Chanel<br />
[img src=]13050Team Overdressed
Dress- Mary Katrantzou<br />Shoes- Paul Andrew
[img src=]13010Team Overdressed
Bustier- Dolce & Gabbana<br />Skirt- Nicholas<br />Shoes- Jimmy Choo
[img src=]14450Team Overdressed
Dress- Nina Ricci<br />Necklace and Bracelet- Beverly Chic<br />Gloves- Agent Provocateur<br />Hat- Misa Harada Lux<br />Coat- Fabulous Furs
[img src=]16530Team Overdressed
Top- Equipment<br />Skirt- Dolce & Gabbana<br />Shoes- Christian Dior<br />Purse- Chanel<br />​
[img src=]21460Team Overdressed
Shirt- Ann Taylor<br />Pants- Rag & Bone<br />Shoes- Nike
[img src=]18050Team Overdressed
Shirt- Diane Von Furstenberg<br />Shorts- Zara<br />Shoes- Valentino<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]20170Team Overdressed
Shirt- J.Crew<br />Skirt- Tom Ford<br />Shoes- Tom Ford<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]19900Team Overdressed
Bodysuit- Dolce & Gabbana<br />Skirt- Tom Ford<br />Jacket- Zara<br />Shoes- BCBG<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]22840Team Overdressed
Shirt- Etro<br />Skirt- Tom Ford<br />Shoes- BCBG<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]26470Team Overdressed
Shirt- Karen Millen<br />Skirt- Zara<br />Shoes- Alexander Wang<br />Purse- Jimmy Choo
[img src=]24180Team Overdressed
Dress- H&M<br />Heels- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Chanel<br />Necklace- Tom Bins
[img src=]25140Team Overdressed
Top- H&M<br />Skirt- Tommy Hilfiger<br />Heels- Charlotte Olympia<br />Belt- Lanvin<br />Purse- Valentino
[img src=]27640Team Overdressed
Dress- Roberto Cavalli<br />Heels- BCBG<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]31310Team Overdressed
Dress- Tom Ford<br />Heels- Christian Louboutin<br />Clutch- Chanel<br />Necklace- Vanessa Arizaga
[img src=]32810Team Overdressed
Dress- Tom Ford<br />Heels- Christian Louboutin<br />Purse- Chanel
[img src=]36980Team Overdressed
Bodysuit- Kiki de Montparnasse<br />Skirt- Azzedine Alaia<br />Heels- Jimmy Choo<br />Cuff- Hermes
[img src=]31350Team Overdressed
Top: Zara<br />Pants: Rag & Bone<br />Shoes: Sophia Webster<br />Purse: Chanel
[img src=]31800Team Overdressed
Bodysuit: Dolce & Gabbana<br />Skirt: Zara<br />Shoes: Christian Louboutin<br />Jacket: Zara<br />Purse: Vintage
[img src=]30690Team Overdressed
Top: Ted Baker<br />Skirt: Dolce & Gabbana<br />Shoes: Valentino<br />Purse: Louis Vuitton
[img src=]31700Team Overdressed
Bustier: Dolce & Gabbana<br />Skirt: Givenchy<br />Shoes: Casadei<br />Jacket:Zara
[img src=]35370Team Overdressed
Dress: Badgley Mischka
[img src=]38130Team Overdressed
Jumpsuit: Valentino<br />Shoes: Christian Louboutin<br />Purse: YSL
[img src=]41630Team Overdressed
Top: Karen Millen<br />Pants: Neil Barrett<br />Shoes: Charlotte Olympia<br />Purse: Chanel
[img src=]49370Team Overdressed
Bodysuit: Beyond Vintage<br />Skirt: J.Crew<br />Shoes: Alexandre Birman<br />Necklace: BCBG<br />Purse: Chanel<br /><br />
[img src=]21780Team Overdressed
Dress: Cynthia Rowley<br />Shoes: Tom Ford<br />Belt: Hermes<br />Purse: Chanel
[img src=]24530Team Overdressed
Dress: Ted Baker<br />Shoes: BCBG<br />Purse: Hermes
[img src=]27670Team Overdressed
Sexy Diva Dress
[img src=]27760Team Overdressed
Biyan Wanaatmadja Dress
[img src=]22040Team Overdressed
Ann Taylor Sweater<br />Alexander McQueen Skirt<br />Jimmy Choo Pumps<br />Chanel Purse
[img src=]22710Team Overdressed
Ann Taylor Blouse<br />Diane Von Furstenberg Skirt<br />YSL Pumps<br />Chanel Purse
[img src=]24840Team Overdressed
Asos Dress<br />Charlotte Olympia Pumps
[img src=]26780Team Overdressed
Alice & Olivia Dress<br />Lanvin Necklace
[img src=]25140Team Overdressed
Torn by Ronny Kobo dress<br />Gucci heels<br />Chanel purse<br />Topshop necklace
[img src=]23300Team Overdressed
Balmain blazer<br />Balmain corset<br />Dolce and Gabbana skirt<br />Saint Laurent heels<br />Chanel purse
[img src=]21230Team Overdressed
Torn by Ronny Kobo dress<br />Valentino heels<br />Chanel purse
[img src=]22190Team Overdressed
Alexander McQueen dress<br />Hermes Birkin<br />Jean Michel Cazabat wedges
[img src=]24560Team Overdressed
Alexander Wang dress<br />Lanvin heels<br />Celine purse<br />Hermes cuff<br />Fallon necklace
[img src=]28110Team Overdressed
Zara blazer<br />Theory Tank<br />Intermix skirt<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Givenchy purse<br />Juicy Couture necklace
[img src=]30690Team Overdressed
Issa dress<br />YSL heels<br />Chanel purse
[img src=]25280Team Overdressed
Valentino dress<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Givenchy purse<br />
[img src=]22240Team Overdressed
Theory blouse<br />Chanel skirt<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Hermes Birkin<br />Deepa Gurnani necklace<br />Cartier bracelet
[img src=]23510Team Overdressed
Balmain dress<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Chanel purse<br />David Yurman ring
[img src=]24980Team Overdressed
H&M shirt<br />Topshop skirt<br />Charlotte Olympia heels<br />Chanel purse<br />Hermes cuff
[img src=]25690Team Overdressed
Zara shirt<br />Rag and Bone jeans<br />Givenchy purse<br />Chanel cuff<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Fallon necklace<br />
[img src=]28360Team Overdressed
ALC dress<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Celine purse<br />Hermes cuff
[img src=]24050Team Overdressed
BCBG Dress<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Chanel purse<br />
[img src=]24620Team Overdressed
Alaia dress<br />Jimmy Choo heels<br />Valentino clutch
[img src=]27690Team Overdressed
Valentino jumpsuit<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />Chanel purse
[img src=]27880Team Overdressed
Stella McCartney dress<br />Chanel purse<br />Christian Louboutin heels<br />David Yurman earrings and ring
[img src=]32480Team Overdressed
H&M top<br />Balenciagia pants<br />Sergio Rossi heels<br />Hermes Birkin
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