Valentine's Day Gift Guide
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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him, Her, the Kids, and Your Girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s one of my favorite holidays because while I like to live every day filled with love, this day is extra special. Whether you’re booed up or living the single life, Valentine’s Day can be so much fun. I know that shopping for that special someone can get tough, so I put together a gift guide to make it easy! And don’t worry, I included the girls for Galentine’s Day as well as the little ones. Happy shopping!

For Her


I think that candles are great gifts for any occasion, but especially Valentine’s Day. Scent is very personal, and who doesn’t want their home, office, or personal space to smell amazing? Get the lucky lady in your life a luxe candle that she’ll appreciate and light up the room. One of my all-time faves is the Diptyque Baies scent.

Silk Pajamas

Sleeping in silk is a cozy, yet luxe way to catch up on your beauty rest. A pair of pajamas is always a nice gift, but there’s something about silk that makes the gesture extra special. Have your lady walk around the house like a queen she is in a pair like this!


Every woman’s fragrance collection is sacred. The same thing that I said about candles applies to this—scent is so personal and everyone has different notes that they prefer. Learn what scents, oils, florals, and other hints your lady likes in a fragrance. I promise you, she’ll love a new bottle of perfume! One of my all-time faves is Vera Wang’s Embrace.


This one’s a given! Jewelry might be one of the most popular V-Day gifts of all, and I’m not mad at it. Every woman loves a little bling or some pearls to add to their jewelry box. Anything from a simple choker to a new ring makes the perfect gift.

Luxe Cosmetics

I don’t know about you, but I love a good beauty haul! Whether you’re a minimalist or a full glam girl, new cosmetics are never unappreciated. A brand-new lipstick, bath soak, or that new palette you’ve had your eye on would be perfect to wake up to on V-Day.

For Him

Vinyl Disk Player

Gift your man something unique this year, like a vinyl disk player. He’ll appreciate the vintage vibes and can get a head start on building his vinyl disk collection. These also make for some good home decor, making it a win-win situation.

Bottle & Can Cooler

Does he love some good brew? If so, ditch the traditional coolers and buy him individual beer coolers. You’ll be helping him out with something he likes and they’re super useful. You can find these for both bottles and cans!

Grooming Essentials

Help him stay on top of his grooming routine with some new products and tools. Whether it’s a manicure kit or some new skincare, he’ll be sure to appreciate it. You’re encouraging him to keep on looking as handsome as he always does!

Building Kit

Men love to build things! Your hubby is sure to love a brand new building kit, which will put those skills to use. I think of these as a LEGO set for adults and it’s pretty fun to watch it all come together.

Fitness Accessories

Is he into fitness? If so, workout gear makes the perfect gift! Help him out with a foam roller that he could use at home or at the gym, and some new workout clothes while you’re at it. If you’re feeling spontaneous book a new class together to try something different!

For the Kids

V-Day Cards

I remember being so excited to give our Valentine’s Day cards as a kid, so I like spreading that tradition into my own family. It’s such a nice gesture to exchange V-Day cards with classmates and friends, and just remind them of how much they mean to you. Plus, the kids get super creative with these!

Cozy Knits

It’s still winter after all, so stock up on those cozy knits for the kids! If you have a house full of budding fashionistas they’ll love adding some new clothes to their closets! A casual sweater in their favorite color will do the trick.

Crafting Set

Kids love getting crafty, and I love to encourage their creative side. As I was searching for the perfect gifts, I came across so many Valentine’s Day-themed crafting kits and they’re all adorable. From foam hearts to ornaments, it’s all out there for them to have fun!

Themed Pajamas

Yes, even the kids can get in on the gift of pjs! They don’t have to be Valentine’s Day themed, but if you really want to get them in the spirit you can. My girls love mermaids and the color pink, and I found the perfect set to gift!


From tech accessories to a brand new backpack, your kids will love having some new gear! I’ve spotted some really cute AirPod cases that my kids would love as well as some other accessories. Anything that complements their everyday life would make a great gift!

For the Girls

Wine Carafe

Us ladies love wine night, and Galentine’s Day is just as important as V-Day with your beau. Gift your BFF a wine carafe for her home and put it to use when having girl time! They’re also pretty chic and make great decor.

Healing Crystals

You know I’m super into crystals, meditation, and anything of the sorts and so are a lot of my friends! A set of healing crystals for your gal pals is the perfect wellness and mindfulness gift. Who wouldn’t want their friends to encourage their self-love journey? I’ve found a great set for beginners that make a great V-Day gift.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another favorite wellness-focused goodie of mine is a Himalayan salt lamp. I’m sure you’ve seen these all over your Instagram feed or have come across them while shopping—seriously they’re everywhere now. Sure, they’re aesthetically pleasing and make great home decor, but the relaxing ambience they create is what I love most. I found a pack of two for you! Give one to your bestie and keep one yourself.

A Good Read

Do you and your friends have a book club? Even if you don’t, picking up some good reads for the ladies in your life is never a bad idea! Enjoying a good book is one of my favorite pastimes and such a great way to relax and focus on something outside of my daily routine. One of my favorite books of the moment is Vibrate Higher Daily, it’s a mind-opening guide to living your best life.

Bath Essentials

Every girl loves a nice, relaxing bath. So why not make that a little festive this time of year? Add some V-Day bath essentials to your product lineup, like these adorable heart-shaped soap bars. It’s a sweet way to treat yourself on a day that’s all about love (self-love included!).

Have any fun Valentine’s Day plans? Let me know what you’ll be up to! Wishing you a day full of love and romance!

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