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Our #BoshFamily Valentine’s Day Soirée!

This year I thought it’d be fun to throw a little Valentine’s Day party for the kids and their friends. As much as V-Day is about the couples, it’s about the love in everyone’s family, too, and I always want to focus on that and set that example for my children. I think that it’s so important to show our children at a young age that expressing love and emotions is super important, and why not do that with some fun Valentine’s Day activities?! Here’s our #BoshFamily Valentine’s Day Soiree!

In an effort to mix it up a little bit and throw a #HostingWithAB spin on Valentine’s day, I decided we would have a neon themed Valentine’s Day party! I wanted to branch out out of the colors that are the typical Valentine’s Day palette, so we mixed in some neon yellow, pink, blue, green, and orange and had so much fun with it!

Valentine Crafts

Of course it wouldn’t be a party without some crafts! There are so many crafts to choose from, especially for Valentine’s Day and I even included some crafting kits in my V-Day gift guide. For our #BoshFamily v-day soiree, @sewsweetcrafts helped me plan and set up so many fun and sweet little crafts. We had scrabble letter crafts and wooden heart dream catchers and both were so fun and allowed us to get creative! You can also make some fun crafts with candy hearts, colorful strings, and faux flowers. See below for two of the crafts we did but get creative!!

Scrabble Tile Photo Holders

To make Scrabble Tile Photo Holders, you only need:

Scrabble Tiles
Scrabble Tile Trays
Hot Glue
Mini Clothespins


1. Paint your Scrabble Trays. We used different colored acrylic paint and then used some glitter and sparkles to make it shimmer!

2. Once your tray is dry, glue on the letters to the front of the tray.

3. Pick your photo and place it into the clothespins so you can get the spacing correct on the back of the tray.

4. Put hot glue onto the “front” (facing the scrabble tray side) of the clothespins and press the clothespins to the back of the Scrabble tray.

5. Allow 10 minutes for the hot glue to setup, and voila! You’re done 🙂



Geometric Heart Dream Catch 

Supplies you’ll need to make your on DIY geometric heart wall hanging / dream catcher

Wooden heart 

Yarn of your choice of colors (2-4 colors)

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes



1.  Start by painting the geometric heart. While the paint is drying, cut your yarn into 24 inch pieces.

2. Once the paint dries, gather 10-15 strands of each color yarn and loop it around the border of the geometric heart.

3. Continue to add sections of yarn and gold cording around the bottom of the heart.

4. Trim the ends.


Dessert Baking & Decorating

It wouldn’t be a Bosh family party if there weren’t some sweets involved, right? Make it a baking and decorating event! Or set up an ice cream sundae bar and have an ice cream social!! We had sooo much fun making our own sundaes and topping them with all of our favorites- plus the kids love putting their own twist on things. We were also lucky enough to have my good friend and talented baker, @ohhmysweetness, bring some homemade goodies for the kiddos and our guests (pic below!) and we all left happy and on a sugar high!

For all the goodies, we sourced pretty much everything from Target and Publix, including:

Mini M&Ms

Mini Chocolate chips

Mini Oreos

Sprinkles (Target)

Waffle bowls & cones (Publix)

Mini sugar cookies (I made)

Chocolate chip cookies (Ohh my sweetness made)

& party supplies was from Meri Meri!



One thing I loved about Valentine’s Day as a kid was exchanging cards with classmates! It was super innocent fun with your friends, and the cards were always really cute. I thought it’d be a good idea to get creative and make our own cards this year instead of buying them. Everything’s better when it’s personalized!

Cocktails (For the Adults!)

Of course I couldn’t forget something for the adults. While the kids have their fun, we could have ours! I thought it would be great for us to make some fun V-Day cocktails. A few that I had in mind were a rosé spritz (a pink spin on the classic Aperol) and a chocolate strawberry martini, because who doesn’t love a little bit of chocolate on Valentine’s Day?


How are you and your fam celebrating V-Day this year!?

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