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6 Ways to Get Politically Active

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, I wanted to share some easy ways that we can all get more politically active! It’s so important for all of us to have our voices heard, especially as women, and make our votes count. I was so moved when I attended the Democratic debate with some of girlfriends and had the chance to hear from some of the candidates and some fellow voters as well. Making connections and letting my guard down has been a huge part of my journey to being more politically involved, and if you’re not sure about how to get started I want to help. Also, if you’re not registered to vote, get out there and register on September 24th! Check out six different ways you can get more politically involved below.

Get Girlfriends in on Politics

Having a girl’s day or a girl’s night can involve a lot of different things, so why can’t that involve politics? It totally can! Earlier this month I headed to the Democratic debate here in Texas with some of my girlfriends and it was such an inspiring day. We had the chance to see ten candidates take the stage and it was a very moving day to get to do so with some of my friends. It was a different kind of bonding and we got to learn so much along the way.

Prioritize Putting Women in Political Seats

It’s important to remember that women deserve to be part of the conversation and they definitely deserve political seats. We need to get out there, show face, and be present to show our support for female candidates in any way that we can. At the end of the day, women understand where we’re coming from better than anyone else and understand our needs when it comes to certain issues. On the other hand, it’s our job to get them into the house, so we need to remember that our vote matters and we must do anything we can to support them.

Be Willing to Show Up and Learn

You don’t need to have your guard up when it comes to politics. Trust me, everyone still has room to learn when it comes to different issues. It’s impossible to know it all, so be willing to show up, learn, and listen to both candidates and other voters. There really is so much room to learn and you can end up paying close attention to issues that you didn’t really think of before. On the other hand, your passion for something you believed in can grow even bigger and that’s why knowledge really is key.

Use Social Media to Align with Other Like-Minded People in Your Community

I’ve met some of my closest friends on social media because I’ve followed women who share the same beliefs as me. I’ve learned a lot from these women and now we continue to teach and inspire one another every day. That’s actually how I got together with two of my girlfriends to attend the debate! We’ve been able to share our experiences, learn more about what causes are important to each of us, and the experience continues to be so rewarding. Get online and make it happen! Don’t be shy to connect with anyone who you feel you can relate to.

Women Are the Best Connectors

As women, it’s important for us to feel like we can express our opinions freely and safely, and not in an echo chamber. That’s why it’s so important for me to connect with women of all different backgrounds because it’s totally okay to hear different perspectives even if I don’t always agree with them. Connecting with women who look different, think differently, express themselves differently is a great lesson for all of us and I can guarantee that more women are willing to do so than you’d think. Women are amazing at making connections, and keeping them!

Make 9/24 a #GirlsDay to Vote

September 24th is National Voter Registration Day, so why not make it a girl’s day? If you’re already registered to vote, then hats off to you! If not, get your girlfriends together and make a day out of it. I can’t stress enough how much your vote matters and how important it is to get out to the polls during each election. Be sure to register and double-check to see if you already have!

P.S. Here are some amazing resources to follow to stay in-the-know!





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