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Why Gratitude is Important

Gestures of appreciation aren’t just about following the rules of proper etiquette. Yes, it’s always nice to send a thank you note after receiving a gift, darling.

But showing appreciation doesn’t have to be the direct result of getting something. You don’t have to receive a gift, a favor, an act of hospitality or any kind of benefit in order to say thank you.

Gratitude goes beyond giving thanks for what we’ve received. It’s also about recognizing all the good in life. It’s about acknowledging the caring, generous people around us.

You know those special people in your life who lift you up and stand by your side, no matter what? They may never give you anything tangible, but that intangible stuff they offer—the love, encouragement, help—means the world. That kind of unwavering support is truly life-changing.

Think about it: Who in your life deserves a heartfelt thank you right now? Why not surprise those people you love with a meaningful gift or a handwritten note?

After all, there are so many people we encounter on a regular basis who make our lives better, easier, more fabulous. But how often do we let them know how much their presence means to us? What if they don’t know? Or maybe they do know, but what if they need a reminder?

A simple, out-of-the-blue, just-because “thank you” can brighten someone’s day in an instant—and strengthen your bond with that person.

And if we’re going to be totally honest, gratitude does more than spread good feelings to others. It also boosts your own mood—for real! Research has shown that cultivating gratitude has the power to make you happier, more energetic and more optimistic. It can bring peace in the midst of stressful times. Seriously, can’t get much better than that, right?

To be aware of all the wonderful things you have going on—and be grateful for them—means you won’t take a single one of those things for granted.

So let’s live life to the fullest. Let’s drink up each moment. And even on the bad days, let’s find our way back to gratitude—for the lessons learned, for the perspective, for the strength to persevere, for the people who hold us up in tough times.

And thank you, my friends, for being YOU.

What are you grateful for?

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