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Election Day Countdown

The 2020 Election is happening now! And it’s our responsibility and our right to share our voice by voting. It is our responsibility and our right to continue to help shape our nation, to help its evolution. It doesn’t all end at submitting your ballot, there’s ways to support the candidates and propositions of your choice beyond that. Below, you can discover ways to keep pushing for a better future with just one week out! 


I Am A Voter explains that the voter turnout rate in the 2016 was only 61%. The U.S. ranked 26th out of 32 developed countries for its percentage of eligible voters who actually showed up to vote. It’s important more now than ever to share our opinions in the nation. 

– Confirm that you are registered to vote.

– Check for early voting.

– Know where you can vote in your district.

– Check poll times and vote on time.

– Know your candidates!

– Help spread the word.

– Know your state’s/district’s rules and policies. 


Remember that you are not just voting for a President; you will be voting on other positions and ballot measures that effect your community. You will have the chance to write-in candidates for both federal and state elections. Be sure to know exactly what and who you’re voting for. Make sure to visit BallotReady.Org to learn about each candidate on your ballot. 

– Who do you agree with?

– What are their policies like?

– What will they do for you?

– What will they do for the nation?

– What do they focus on? 

– What’s their background like? Their upbringing? 

– What do YOU want to get out of this election? 


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If you’re voting, your friends, family, peers and acquaintances should be too. Here’s what you can do to help promote voting: 

– Take Advantage of the Power of Your Social Media Platforms: Spread the message of voting on your social platforms and to reach more audiences.

– Integrate Messaging into Pre-Existing Content: Voter participation has been integrated in all our social platforms, and now you can use integrated messaging to help spread the word. This normalizes civic engagement and is a key in increasing voter turnout.

– Distribute Pins: having a “voter” identity can be a great way to spread the word about voting. Promoting this campaign reminds everyone that you are a voter, and that they can be too. 

– Empower your Peers: be a leading force for civic culture by promoting educational voting resources and tools that they need to participate in the election. 

P.S. Hubby’s new song with Deezie Brown is out TODAY!!!

“This song is also for the people who are locked out of our democracy. Folks who have been to prison, whose voices have been silenced. Folks who have been killed—while the world looks the other way.  Folks who have been sold false hope so many times they no longer believe change is possible. It’s a song about everything that’s broken in the world today—and about why we keep fighting for a better tomorrow.” – Chris Bosh


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