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Powerhouses, Gems, and Friends

Surrounding myself with inspiring women is something that I’m always conscious of. I truly believe that we all  have to stick together in order to move forward with the issues and causes we care about. Think about it—would we ever get close to closing the gender wage gap if we didn’t finally stick up to it and work together? Probably not. While there’s still so much work to do, I’ve learned a lot from the women in my life and I’m pushed to put my best self forward because of them. I wanted to highlight some of women I admire in my close circle and in life, and why they motivate me to work hard and reach my goals no matter what. I like to call them my powerhouses, gems, and friends. Enjoy!

Genevieve Padalecki


Gen has been a friend of mine for a few years now and we share a ton of the same interests! For starters, she’s a working mom just like myself who’s focused on building her own brand while juggling mom life. Her blog, Now and Gen, is dedicated to everything from recipes and wellness to fashion and family. Gen is a big advocate for sustainability and living life consciously, and she inspires me to live my best life every day!

Jacyln Johnson

As the founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn is the ultimate female powerhouse when it comes to business. She’s dedicated her career to highlighting and honoring women of all backgrounds and all kinds of businesses. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on a few different projects and I was recently honored on Create & Cultivate’s 100 list in the Entrepreneurs category. I admire Jaclyn for constantly moving the needle and opening the conversations for things like salaries, hiring, firing, and every topic in between that were once considered too “taboo” to discuss. As she always says, collaboration over competition!

Rebecca Minkoff


We all had that point in our lives where all we wanted was a Rebecca Minkoff! I’m inspired by Rebecca because she took her career in fashion and expanded it into an empire that’s all about supporting other women. Her Superwomen podcast shares stories from so many influential women and there’s not a single episode that won’t leave you feeling inspired. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and she’s such a breath of fresh air and has made her mission clear in this world. It also doesn’t hurt that I love her designs!

Christy Turlington Burns


This is a woman who’s a boss in every single way! I headed to Guatemala last year with Christy and her Every Mother Counts organization on a life-changing trip. Every Mother Counts brings awareness to the women around the world who don’t have access to essential maternity care. They’re improving maternal care around the world and making the experience safer for all moms no matter where they come from. Christy herself is proof that you can expand your career based on your interests and you aren’t limited from your past experiences.

Candace Nelson


Who hasn’t heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes? Candace is the founder of the iconic cupcake bakery and she’s also a judge on the competition shows Cupcake Wars and Sugar Rush. Since opening up her original shop in Beverly Hills in the early 2000s, Candace has expanded her empire tremendously and you can find Sprinkles shops around the country. You all know how much I love baking and sweets, so there’s no surprise that I found myself having a huge connection to her and all that she’s built!

Shilpa Shah


In a world that’s focused on learning more about sustainability, Shilpa’s already a pioneer. She’s the co-founder of the sustainable fashion brand, Cuyana, and has changed the e-commerce and retail game with her mission. She inspired women to own “fewer, better things” with her high-quality, handmade luxury goods. Shilpa went back to business school in her early 30s after a successful career in user-interface design. She’s proof that it’s never too late to find your true passion and go after it!

Rachel Blumenthal


As a mom, I’m always looking for the best of the best when it comes to my kids clothing. Rachel founded Rockets of Awesome, a super cool clothing brand for the trendiest kids out there. It works as a subscription service, but you can also purchase individual items if you wish! Rachel has worked in the children’s space for quite some time, and loves to build brands and businesses that solve problems for parents. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Nicole Trunfio


Just like myself, Nicole has an ever-growing family, while juggling a career. She’s a model industry veteran and continuously books campaigns left and right while managing everything else on her plate. Last summer Nicole graced the cover of Elle Australia breastfeeding one of her babies, which was a major milestone for women everywhere. Removing the stigma around breastfeeding and normalizing it is something that I truly believe in and I love that someone of her caliber stepped up to bring awareness!

Who are some women you admire? Let me know about the powerhouses, gems, and friends in your life!

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