Oprah Vision Tour 2020
filed on: 01.15
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All About the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour!

This year is already off to an incredible start! I got the opportunity to spend the first Saturday of the year and decade at Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour and GOT TO MEET OPRAH! Yes, the one and only, Oprah Winfrey. When I heard that Oprah was kicking off the decade with her 2020 Vision Tour, you know I had to snag a ticket for her Miami appearance.

I’ve loved Oprah for as long as I could remember and she’s been such an inspiration for me and my outlook on life. Not only is she an incredible entrepreneur, but she has such a positive message to spread and is such a great role model for young women everywhere.

During the event, Oprah brought up some really powerful points. She commented on how the common denominator in humans is to be our BEST possible selves. That means putting in the work, looking inwards, connecting with our centers, and living life to our fullest potential. Oprah said that we all must understand that we each have a spirit, and that the spirit of you is the ESSENCE of who you are that nobody else is If you haven’t come to realize this already, you are special because no one else has the power to be you. You are unique and irreplaceable- remember that and use it as your power.

It was so incredible to see someone that I’ve idolized for so long in person. My first Saturday of the decade was filled with so much meaning, and I’m so grateful to have experienced Oprah in the flesh.

The special guest of honor for her Miami tour stop was—wait for it—Lady Gaga!! Dancer, host, and all-around girlboss Julianne Hough is also traveling with Oprah for a special performance throughout the tour.

I was in the audience and was in awe of the vulnerability and energy that was shared with the whole audience. Both Oprah and Lady Gaga opened up in SUCH a meaningful way and are honestly changing lives because of it. I am so proud to have seen such strong women be so honest and open- changing the shame narrative and bringing awareness to the mental health crisis. They poured so much inspiration and purpose into the audience and it truly lit me up inside.

Oprah 2020 Vision Tour

Manifesting your dreams is truly essential (and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!). Create a vision board (click here to watch my vision board video!), talk about your goals and dreams, hold yourself accountable, and take the helm.

I knew I was going to leave this experience feeling incredibly inspired, but I can’t even describe how much it left an impact on me. I promised myself that I would commit more towards wellness in general, and this was the perfect way for me to kick things off. I left the 2020 Vision tour feeling such a significant sense of confirmation in how I’ve decided to set my goals and dreams and feel like my vision is in pure alignment with my purpose.

One of my favorite quotes that Oprah shared on that day was, “Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about taking one significant life-transforming step at a time.” I really hope that you guys see this quote, allow to it resonate with you, and take some action like I have. My words of manifestation for this beautiful new year and decade are grace, purpose, intention, impact, vision, abundance, and alignment.

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