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Sustainability Tips For Your Home

I’ve made a conscious effort to keep my home more sustainable and earth-friendly over the years, and I wanted to share some of the things I’m doing with you. I know that a lot of you are interested in reducing your own carbon footprint, and it all starts with your home. I cover everything from products to food waste and even water reduction below. Let’s all join together to keep our homes and earth clean!

Reduce Food Waste

Do you ever buy too many groceries and then watch them go to waste? We’ve all been guilty of it once or twice, but if it’s a recurring situation then it’s time to shop smarter. To reduce your food waste, start by buying things you actually need at home, and not food that you might get to later on. If it’s perishable, think ahead! Another way to reduce food waste is by storing your food properly to begin with. Improper storage leads to a lot of food waste across homes, and it’s easily preventable. Lastly, and probably the easiest tip, is to save leftovers! You can get so much use out of leftovers and it’s the easiest way to enjoy your delicious food once again.

Water Efficient Showerheads

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t think about water efficiency. Sure, it’s common knowledge to not let the sink water run unattended and to not take super long showers, but what about where the water is actually coming from? Switching over to water efficient showerheads is a quick fix to use water smarter in your home. All they do is save water as you cleanse, without losing the pressure of a normal running showerhead.

No Plastic (water bottles, straws, plastic bags)

One goal of mine has been to use less plastic! We don’t buy plastic water bottles at the store ever and keep our fridge stocked with reusable ones. These can be glass or metal bottles, and a very easy way to stop using plastic. A reusable water bottle is easy to clean, so there’s no excuse to not make the switch! We also don’t use plastic straws in the house, and also use ones that can be washed and reused. The same goes for plastic bags! We use canvas totes or paper bags for all of our needs. 

Cloths instead of paper towels 

Paper towels can be harmful to the environment. There are some eco-friendly options, but I prefer to use rags or cloths for whatever we need around the house. You can get so much use out of a single cloth when it comes to drying dishes, cleaning spills, and picking up food. The fact that they can be easily washed makes them so much more worthwhile! 

Green cleaning products

A few years ago it wouldn’t have been so easy to get your hands on eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products. Today, however, they’re nearly everywhere you can get your shopping done. From wipes to dish soap and all-purpose cleaner, the green options keep growing by the numbers. Rather than filling up your home with chemicals, switch to one of these for a more sustainable household but also for your health. 


What are your tips for sustainable living? 


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