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Weekly Reads: From Aligning Your Life to Sending Your Kids Back to School

Hey loves! I’ve noticed a lot of you asking me about what I’ve been reading or topics I love learning about, so I thought I’d include a new series on my blog to put those things in one place. Every once in a while I’ll be compiling a list of my favorite reads for you all to take a look at yourselves and share your thoughts with me. I love reading about everything from parenting to self-care to business and so much more. I know that a lot of you share my same interests or are always willing to learn about new topics, so I’m sure that you’ll really enjoy what I’ve put together! Keep reading for my list of current reads and why you should read them too. 

Black Girl Wellness: A New Cultural Renaissance

As the nation continues to experience racial injustices, it is imperative for the Black community to focus on their wellness and healing during these traumatizing times. Writer Dominique Fluker talks to Lauren Ash, founder of Black Girl in Om, and Yasmine Jameelah, founder of Transparent Black girl, about how they are providing opportunities of wellness and healing for Black women. Read here.

Here’s everything you need to know to cast your vote in November. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of this upcoming election. However, I’ve learned that so many are still confused about the voting process this year and it’s becoming incredibly overwhelming on top of everything else. Here’s a refresher on everything you need to know about the election process and how to cast your vote. Read here

Back-to-school season has turned into a mom-shaming issue, which misses the point.

Moms are shamed enough as it is, and this year it involves sending your kids back to school. Parents are being put in a very difficult situation this school year, but they have every right to do what’s best for their family. At the end of the day, moms aren’t in charge of school re-opening or notthat’s a leadership issue. This article explains why mom-shaming anyone right now defeats the point of us sticking together as moms. Read here

Why building an ‘aligned’ life is actually a lot simpler than you’d think.

You all know how I focus on alignment and manifestation for living a beautiful life. However, these two things don’t always come easy or naturally to everyone, and getting yourself in the right headspace can be more overwhelming than you’d think. In order to build aligned life, you need to define your ultimate “yes’s” and “no’s”. Read this for more information on the right steps to take. Read here

Are you anxious about re-entering the world? You’re not alone. 

The world isn’t normal, and here in the US, we’ve grown to live among COVID-19 rather than focusing on getting rid of it altogether. This is frustrating to a lot of us (self-included), and the rush to return to normalcy really doesn’t make sense. We can’t forget that we’re living throughout a global pandemic and re-entering life as we knew it feels like quite the shock. This piece details how to approach life if you’re nervous and anxious about being pushed into a “normal” life right now. Read here

Here some apps + websites to help you support black-owned businesses.

Supporting the Black community along with the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t a one and done job. In order to be an ally, you must continuously support the Black community from here on out, and a lot of that starts with Black-owned businesses. If you’re looking for more businesses to support, these apps and websites will serve as your directory. Read here

Contrary to popular belief, it’s never too late to hit ‘restart’ on your career. 

I feel like I always hear that women are discouraged from taking a different path in their careers. Take it from me, it’s never too late to try something new. No matter what anyone tells you it’s NOT too late to go back to school, start a side hustle, or explore an entirely different path. Here are some pointers for kicking off your ‘second’ life. Read here


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